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Transducers tested by Gabarith

  • A range of single, double and triple disposable transducers.

  • Available with Safedraw® Safe Arterial Blood Collection System

  • Designed with EasyVent® - a unique cap that allows clinicians to prime and zero the stopcock without removing the cap and exposing the line to the ambient environment.

  • Proven Gabarith ™ - Pressure monitoring accuracy depends on the entire monitoring system. The Gabarith test is a scientific technique to measure the performance of the entire monitoring system: transducer, assembly, stopcocks, filter and catheter. This test achieves the quality standard established by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). Noted sets have been tested by Gabarith. *

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Disposable pressure transducers

  • Sterile and single use.

  • We have transducers with integral flushing device and stopcock (nominal flow rate: 3 cc / h).

  • Transducers with flushing device and without stopcock (nominal flow rate: 3 cc / h).

  • Transducers without flushing device or stopcock (cardiology and neurology).

  • Neonatal and pediatric use transducers together with a mechanical infusion pump.

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Safe collection of arterial samples

We have a unique range of invasive pressure monitoring equipment designed for safe closed-loop arterial blood sampling procedures.
Samples are collected through a Luer-Slip access to the uniquely designed split-membrane blood collection port, eliminating the need for adapters.
Designed to reduce unnecessary blood waste and blood spillage.


Disposable Flexi Transducers

A range of invasive pressure monitoring equipment designed to maximize efficiency and ease of use by allowing the clinician to add pathways when deemed appropriate.
The master line is the disposable arterial transducer and additional lines can be connected to this line in cascade. This is accomplished by a supplemental stopcock located on the administration set side of the transducer, so the dynamic response is not affected.

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Disposable pressure transducers for pediatric and neonatal use

Range of standard and closed system invasive monitoring equipment for arterial blood sampling specially designed for pediatric and neonatal patients. Samples are collected either by the self-sealing silicone membrane or via direct Luer-Slip access to the single split membrane blood collection port. unnecessary blood waste is reduced and diluted blood is easier to return to the infant. configured for use with an infusion pump.



From organizing plates to reusable IV poles and cables, we have the accessories you need to optimize the use of your transducer technology. The Clipper Mount and Meritrans Organizer easily attach to any size IV pole and accommodate horizontal and vertical transducer positions.


Connection cables

We provide connection cables that are compatible with most of the blood pressure monitors available today. Contact us if you need more information.

Connection compatible with: Datascope / Mindray, Mindray, Philips, Dräger / Siemens, Tektronics, Vitalert, Vitatek, Welch Allyn, Zoll, Spacelabs, Protocol Propaq, Nellcor, Criticon / GE Marquette, Nihon Kohden, Marquette Ge, ge / datex Ohmeda, Dräger, E for M, Kontron, Arrow, Jostra, Prucke Eng Inc., Stöckert (Sorin), Spacelabs / BCI, Medtronic.




Biogen Diagnóstica ofrece a los especialistas accesorios para facilitar el trabajo en las Unidades de Cuidados Intensivos.


  • Tubos de alta presión 

  • Manifolds de 2 y 3 vias.

  • Llaves hemostáticas: Push-Pull, Push-Click y Rotatorias.

  • Cierre hemostático radial y femoral.

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