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Biogen Diagnóstica has created a division focused on veterinary diagnostics. We believe that the evolution of healthcare has to be global and not just focus on the evolution of human medicine. For this reason, Biogen Diagnóstica also places its emphasis on improving diagnostic procedures, facilitating the work of veterinarians and laboratory personnel as much as possible. Always taking into account the safety and quality of the procedures.


  • DNA preservation tubes

  • Extraction system for the veterinary field

    • Silicone extraction tubes with clot activator 5,7,10 ml

    • Extraction tubes with EDTA for genotyping with special labeling

    • Extraction tubes with H. lithium or sodium

    • Single and multiple extraction needles 18G1, 1 1/2

    • 18G1 Safety Extraction Needles, 1 1/2

  • Manufacture of openers for complete boxes (automatic and manual)

  • Development of means of identification and transport for extraction in the field

  • Diagnostic Kits

  • Centrifuge and tube opener centrifuge

  • Robots, aliquotator to facilitate the pre-analytics of livestock sanitation campaigns

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