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At Biogen Diagnóstica we try to put the most advanced products on the market in the hands of the specialist, helping to carry out a more precise and safe work. We have a wide range of products used in cardiac interventional procedures.




The Transcatheter Aortic Valve Systems is a state-of-the-art TAVI controlled mechanical expansion technology, designed to provide unmatched PVL freedom, precise release and deployment, and predictable results.


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Administered through a conventional radial artery approach in the right arm, it is a percutaneous device that uses a proximal embolic filter delivered to the brachiocephalic artery and a distal embolic filter delivered to the left common carotid artery at the start of the TAVI procedure.



Balloon Catheter

Inflation devices

Loop Catheters and Forceps

Guide catheters

Haemostatic valves and accessories

Hydrophilic guides

At Biogen Diagnóstica we work with manufacturers with more than two decades of leadership in the sector. With a proven track record in supplying products used in interventional procedures. With the innovative interventionist tools that allow a precise intervention. Biogen Diagnostica provides the highest quality instruments so that the professional has all the facilities.



External pacemakers

Temporary stimulation

Transseptal introducer
Transseptal needle
Peelable introducer
Adjustable introducer

Administration systems

Successful diagnosis and treatment of cardiac electrical activity disturbances is crucial. Biogen Diagnóstica offers a range of tools
specialists to help you obtain accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatment guidelines. Features include touch-responsive transseptal needles, ergonomic handles for exceptional control, and advanced access systems.


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Custom Procedure Trays and Equipment

Biogen Diagnóstica can create effective, time-saving custom kits that uniquely meet your needs by providing you with everything you need to perform the procedures you perform most frequently. Contact a Biogen Diagnóstica representative to customize your Kit and assess the best options according to your needs.

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Accessories for radial approach
Needles and scalpels
Shutters & Guides

Precise access is the foundation for a successful vascular procedure. Biogen Diagnóstica's comprehensive portfolio of vascular access products.
brings quality, reliability and innovation to your practice. Features include innovative materials, excellent transitions, and unique coatings to enhance vascular access.



    Diagnostic catheters

    Diagnostic guidelines

    Torque devices

    Syringes (wash, vacuum, coronary control and personalized)

    Fluid and tube handling

    Manifolds and Adapters

    Transducers and accessories


    The latest generation products with which we work at Biogen Diagnostica provide what you need to achieve an accurate diagnosis and positive results for your patients. With reliable solutions that give you the precise control you demand, our innovative Interventional Cardiac Angiography solutions are the industry's best choice.


    Compression devices


    At Biogen Diagnóstica we have products that allow us to achieve hemostasis in a fast, comfortable and precise way. They provide greater visibility and at the same time greater comfort for the patient. Features include easy inflation and deflation, a low profile, and focused compression.

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