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Biogen incorporates software into its range of products as a fundamental and complementary part of its activity. Today, all products with a certain level of technology need to be integrated into the global information network, therefore, Biogen has opened a line of R&D in software engineering, both to explore new possibilities in the optimization of resources , in the management of diagnostic processes and in cooperation with its clients, as well as to attend to the increasingly complex activities and relationships in the global network.
The software solutions that Biogen offers are technologically advanced and their main objective is the automation of medical processes and the exploitation of data from a global point of view. At Biogen we understand that the division of information is unproductive and is nowadays being relegated by global models and structures that attend to healthcare processes regardless of where they occur, that is, both in private and public spheres.
For this reason, the integration of information, in order to aim at quality of care and obtaining a diagnosis, is an objective that at Biogen we have set ourselves to provide the world of health with new tools that allow us to face the new and complex situations that society modern lives and to which the health world is no stranger.

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